New Audio: Air Waves’ Rousingly Anthemic Collaboration with Kevin Morby

Led by its creative mastermind and primary songwriter, Nicole Schneit, the Brooklyn-based recording project Air Waves will be releasing their third, full-length album Warrior on April 6, 2018 through Western Vinyl Records, and the album reportedly is partially inspired by Schneit’s own personal experiences as a queer woman, who has to be a warrior by necessity and fight for the basic human rights, dignity and acceptance for her and of other queer people and from her mother’s recent  battle with fallopian cancer. As Schneit explains in press notes “The doctor told her she had a fifteen to twenty percent chance, and her response was ‘I’m going to get this motherfucker. So the title ‘Warrior’ and the song are about her. After chemotherapy, surgery, and the more chemotherapy, all the cancer in her body has left, and she’s currently in remission. I feel like most of the people of my life, including myself, are warriors and have overcome obstacles that seemed impossible to defeat.”
And as a result, album title track and the album’s last official single before its release, “Warrior,” a collaboration with Kevin Morby is an anthemic track centered around a simple arpeggiated synth line, jangling guitar lines paired with a rousingly infectious hook and equally focused vocals that convey determination, strength and dignity in the face of any and all obstacles and comers.