New Audio: French Artist Persha Shares a Cathartic New Single

I’m covering this year’s New Colossus Festival through tomorrow. So I’ve been extraordinarily busy and haven’t been posting with the regularity as I’d normally would in a much slower week. But I’m seeing a lot of live music and doing that invaluable in-person networking that’s necessary to get by and make moves. And I’m having a ton of fun doing it. But let’s get to the business at hand.

Vanessa Giangrande is a French TV director and editor, who decided to move into music in 2018. Initially writing music for films and movie trailers, Giangrande stepped out into the spotlight as a solo recording artist, with her 90s electro-pop inspired project Persha.

Giangrande’s debut EP as Persha was released in April 2018 and that EP featured two tracks, which appeared in TV trailers for shows on Canal+. November 2019 saw the release of the French artist’s sophomore EP, which featured a cover of Garbage’s “Stupid Girl” and “Release The Pressure,” which was featured as part of the soundtrack for Netflix’s Sentinelle.

The French artist is prepping for a big 2022: She is set to release a collaboration with Carpenter Brut next month — but before that, her latest single “Hooked,” is a slow-burning and brooding pop song centered around glistening and reverb-drenched synth arpeggios, wobbling and buzzing bass synths, skittering beats, Giangrande’s achingly plaintive vocals and a cathartic, anthemic hook that you can picture some poor heartbroken soul singing along lustily during their own heartbreaks and difficult times.

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