New Audio: Introducing the Atmospheric and Dramatic Sound of Leeds, UK’s Actor

With the release of their first two singles “Feline” and “Swim,” the Leeds, UK-based electro pop trio Actor, comprised of singer/songwriter Louisa Osborn, producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson received national attention as blogs across the UK praised both singles — and “Feline” received radio play on BBC 6 and Amazing Radio.

Their third and latest single “Baby Cries” builds upon the buzz that the Leeds-based trio has already received across the UK  — and may start a growing international profile. Sonically, the song begins with a subtle Eastern feel as propulsive percussion is paired with shimmering guitar chords played through gentle amounts of reverb, swirling and ambient electronics and Osborn’s gorgeous vocals to craft a moody and dramatic sound that channels Kate Bush — but much more atmospheric and ethereal. Interestingly, Osborn has described her writing process as being much like an “actor and storyteller, ultimately immersed in every song but not defined by anything or anyone within them,” and because of that approach, I think it gives the material a cinematic heft, as though the material could be part of the score of a major studio drama. 

Lyrically and thematically, the song tells a deeply personal story with an uncanny emotional directness and forcefulness as it’s a stinging tell-off to a deceitful lover with the song’s narrator expressing uncertainty and strength within the turn of a phrase. Certainly, in an age of prepackaged, superficial pop music such directness is uncommon and powerful, and it has me wanting much more.