New Audio: Introducing The Haunting and Effortlessly Soulful Sound of Berlin’s The Septembers

The Septembers are an Australian-born, Berlin, Germany-based duo, comprised of Donna Arendse and James Chatburn. And the duo of Arendse and Chatburn have quickly developed a reputation for warm and effortlessly soulful vocals, and for collaborating with both Australian artists and producers, as well as a number of international artists and producers. Interestingly, Chatburn is a producer of some renown himself, as he has released a number of attention grabbing singles in Europe earlier this year.

“Work” is the first single from the Berlin-based duo in almost a year, and the single features production from the Amsterdam-based  an up-and-coming producer and DJ, Saux, who has developed a reputation for a sound that can swiftly transition from electronic music, underground pop and tropical melodies and has received praise from BBC, Majestic Casual, FACT Magazine and others.  Reportedly, the song was the result of a spontaneous jam session while the three were all in Amsterdam and in some way, it gives the song its old school, Sunday afternoon, Soul Train-like easy-going warmth; however, despite its warmth, the song pairs sparse instrumentation — plinking string chords, swirling and undulating electronics and hip-hop-inspired beats with The Septembers effortless vocals singing an aching lament over a relationship that has just couldn’t work and ended miserably. And although the narrators recognize that the relationship may have ended for the best, there’s still the hurt of yet another love lost and broken, and on another level, that maybe you should have known better and you foolishly went into it anyway. It’s a song that evokes the lingering doubts and ghosts of every relationship that you may have entered and because of it the song has a haunting quality.