New Audio: The Hideaways Release an Anthemic New Single

The Hideaways — Danny Pugh (vocals, guitar, synth), Tim Burden (guitar, synth), Sam Bendall-Weeks (bass) and Jack Ford (drums) are a rapidly rising Bristol, UK indie rock act that have received attention nationally and across the blogosphere for a sound that features enormous power chords, driving rhythms while drawing a bit from trip hop and electronica.

Building upon a growing profile, the rising Bristol-based act played sets at this year’s New Colossus Festival — and they have plans for a co-headlining UK tour with The Alchemy in May. In the meantime, The Hideaways’ latest single, the Matt Glasbey-produced “Luminescence” further establishes their sound: enormous power chords, thunderous drumming and arena rock friendly hooks with a super slick studio polish — but interestingly, there are subtle nods to shoegaze, power pop and alt rock, which reveals a band ambitiously expanding their sound and approach.  “I reckon Luminescence is a spot on example of what we’re about musically” says frontman Danny Pugh. “When we’re writing we always try to stick a few left turns in tunes that might catch people off guard a bit. That’s what we wanted to get from mixing the psychedelic, eerie choruses with all the snarl and noise in the verses. Then for the outro we just wanted something massive that’d give everyone a proper melodic smack in the face”.