New Audio: YOKOTA’s Unique Spin on Contemporary Pop

YOKOTA is a somewhat mysterious, young, up-and-coming Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter and producer, who quietly released her debut single “Blindside” a single that possessed elements of swing-period jazz, brass band jazz, hip-hop, soul and pop in a densely layered, propulsive and infectious single and caught the attention of the blogosphere, including this site a few months ago. As she mentioned in press notes, she’s curly working on and recording material that will comprise a debut EP slated for release later on this year.

“Tightrope,” the Australian singer/songwriter and producer’s latest single is more of a straightforward pop tune as it pairs her effortlessly soulful and jazz-inspired vocals with twinkling keys and hip-hop influenced beats to craft a song that sounds as though it draws its influence from Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and others. Lyrically, the song has deeply confessional lyrics that express the narrator’s uncertainty, confusion and desire in a way that feels visceral and immediate. Such songwriting is rare and I suspect that as a result of that, you’ll be hearing much more of her over the next few months.