New Video: French Composer Christophe Menassier Releases a Cinematic and Achingly Melancholic Single


Christophe Menassier is a French-born and-based composer for TV, movies an online features — and since 2001, he has created scores for some of the world’s most prestigious and important brands, including Louis Vuitton, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Bulgari, Yves Saint Laurent and others. But interestingly enough, Menassier can trace his career back to the 1990s, when he started his career as a drummer and frontperson of French alt rock act STICKBUZZ, which played over 300 shows across France.

Since becoming a composer, Menassier has been rather prolific: In 2003, he founded COLLECTIF K, a ten member band, which released one album, Resurrection. The following year, he released his solo debut, Marseille Marseille, a ten song album featuring compositions that were written to evoke life in the French Mediterranean city.

2008’s Picture Shop, a collaboration with Quentin Leroux that was inspired by American movies and it further established Menassier’s sound and aesthetic. In 2011, Menassier and his life partner founded the electro pop act LOO & MONETTI, an act that has released two albums — 2012’s Marla’s song and last year’s Broken Inside, as well as a handful of EPs. Capping off a very busy period, Menassier created the score for Vianney Lebasque’s 2012 film Les Petits Princes.

Released earlier this year, Menassier’s latest effort The Unknown Movie is arguably the m most personal album in his catalog. Although he started writing the album’s material back in 2015, the bulk of the album was written between 2017 and 2020 — and the album is the culmination of Menassier’s search for cinematic, lush and atmospheric textures and sounds while also being the soundtrack of its creator’s “inner film.” Since its release back in April, The Unknown Movie has received attention from the French press, and has stared to receive airplay on international radio stations across the States, UK and Italy.

The Unknown Movie‘s latest single “Melancholic Therapy” is a gorgeously cinematic and  track centered around twinkling piano arpeggios that gently builds up intensity about halfway through the composition with atmospheric synths before a quiet fade out. And while being breathtakingly beautiful, the track evokes an aching sadness — of the passing of time, of our impending mortality lurking around the corner and over everything’s impermanence

And how better to evoke it than two beach empty beach chairs, with people frolicking in the water,  just in the distance.