New Video: Rising French Act Pastel Coast Releases an Infectiously Breezy Single

Led by their Boulogne-sur-Mer, France-based creative mastermind Quentin Isidore (vocals, guitar) and featuring Benjamin Fiorini (drums), Ingrid Letourneau (keys), Marion Plouviez (guitar, vocals) and Renaud Retaux (bass), the rising French dream pop Pastel Coast has developed and honed a melancholic and nostalgic sound largely inspired by the sound of early 90s Manchester scene.

Last year was a big year for the rising French act: their full-length debut, Hovercraft landed one Dream Pop Magazines Top 100 and as a result, they landed a slot at this year’s cancelled Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges, one of France’s biggest and most renowned festivals. Building upon a growing profile, the act will be releasing their sophomore album next year, an effort that will feature “Rendezvous” and their latest single, “Dial.”

Centered around a supple and sinuous bass line, shimmering synths, a motorik-like groove, Isidore’s plaintive and ethereal vocals, and an euphoric, Brit Pop inspired hook, “Dial” evokes the swooning feelings and sensations of new love with an infectious and summery air while recalling New Order and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix-era Phoenix.

Directed by the band’s Quentin Isidore, the recently released video for “Dial” features people-chatting with each other, on old, fashioned, heavy rotary phones. And through their connection, we see people joyously escaping into another world — through flirting or just having a deep and thoughtful conversation.