New Video: The Psychedelic Video and Sounds of Zenith Myth’s “Temple Dome”

Zenith Myth is the solo recording project of Los Angeles-based producer, electronic music artist and multi-instrumentalist, Mike Edwards. And Edwards’ sophomore effort with the Zenith Myth project, Eclipsed V is reportedly a shift towards a more experimental, ambient and drone-like approach — the sort that could have easily been released through Silber Records. Now if you’ve been frequenting, JOVM over the past month or so, you may have come across a post on Eclipsed V‘s first single “Shadow Fortune,” single that felt “as though it should be part of the soundtrack of a dreamy, 80s, sci-fi thriller.” The album’s second single “Temple Dome” consists of swirling, shoegaze and blues chords played through reverb and effects pedals, ambient and droning synths, harmonica and the sort of enormous, thundering drumming that sound inspired by Led Zeppelin‘s “When The Levee Breaks.” Clearly drawing from the blues and from shoegaze, the single is arguably Eclipsed V’s most psychedelic, almost stoner rock song.

The recently released official video features musicians playing drums, guitar and harmonica in a gorgeous, Southern California house and they’re shot in trippy slow motion or reversed or shot through mirrored filters to evoke the sensation of being on hallucinogens and feeling sound ripple and undulate towards you.