New Video: TIO’s Lonely and Nostalgic, New Video for “Through the Clouds”

The mysterious Toronto, ON–based electro pop act TIO first caught the attention of this site and the rest of the blogosphere with the release of their atmospheric and brooding first single “Lips Like Wine” late last year. The duo followed that single with their second single “Day Fort,” a single, which seemed as though it were drawing influence from Nine Inch Nails and early Peter Gabriel, as the song managed to evoke the dark and anxious recesses of the human psyche.

“Through the Heavy Clouds” may arguably be the most 80s-leaning and straightforward pop song the duo have released as the song is comprised layers of undulating synth stabs, stuttering percussion, swirling electronics paired with sultry vocals to craft a song that manages to mourn over the unceasing passing of time while also being accepting of time’s relentless nature.

The video captures two young lovers separated by space but they connect through the recording and transmission of images and fragments of the innermost thoughts and feelings. And from these videos and fragments, there are moments of time captured, relived, re-experienced, re-contextualized and re-imagined in the hearts of both of the video’s protagonists. As the members of the duo explained to me about the song and the video treatment ” The noise of time is not sad. Time lingers and repeats through the camera. Captured and re-captured, played and re-played, we see each other through the lens of time. Alone, yet together, we relive our lives through the eye of the camera. Fragments of time captured and relived, re-experienced, and re-imagined in the heart.”