Over the last couple of years, DJ, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Stones Throw Records artist Dam-Funk has seen his profile grow exponentially for a sound that channels late Parliament/George Clinton solo work, 80s synth-based funk and R&B, and Parliament-inspired G funk (simultaneously) and for his collaborations with Slave’s Steve Arrington and Snoop Dogg, best known as 7 Days of Funk. In fact, 7 Days of Funk put Dam- Funk on the national map a couple of years ago, as the duo made their first nationally appearance together on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dam-Funk has also managed to be remarkably prolific over the last few years  including a surprise 7 inch single “N My System”/”It’s Not A Secret” with Snoop Dogg released late last year, as a teaser for the duo’s forthcoming sophomore full-length effort.  The extremely busy producer managed to record a four song instrumental EP titled STFU in between his cross country tour with the legendary Todd Rundgren, which concludes with a number of West Coast dates including stops in San Francisco, CA;  Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and others – and he did so while putting the finishing touches on his sophomore solo effort, Into The Light slated for release later on this year. Talk about busy, huh? 

In any case, the EP will likely cement Dam-Funk’s reputation for slick, synth-based funk. EP opening track “Rise” consists of slowly cascading layers of shimmering synths, flashes of propulsive percussion and tremolo bass synth chords that wobble back and forth. In some way, the track manages to channel the 80s synth R&B of The Whispers (think “And The Beat Goes On,” Rock Steady” and “It’s A Love Thing”), I Feel For You-era Chaka Khan and others before gently fading out. “Make It” and “From A G Perspective” are much more uptempo variations of a familiar theme – but “From A G Perspective” adds some wobbling and glistening synths that float and dart through the mix. EP closing track “Free” is the longest track on the EP is also the sexiest track of the EP as it subtly channels Quiet Storm-like R&B while being funky as hell, complete with a guitar solo to the mix. Although a number of producers and artists have drawn from the 80s – i.e., St. Lucia, Blood Orange, and a long list of others; however, few of his contemporaries sound exactly like Dam-Funk, as his work swaggers and saunters with a gangsta lean.