Over the last five years or so, Birmingham, AL has become known nationally for being the home of Communicating Vessels Records, one of the country’s sadly unheralded and most interesting indie labels as they’re the home to the Greed Seeds, Isidore and the region’s most renown punk act, Dirty Lungs. Although they’ve gone through a number of lineup changes — as most punk bands inevitably do – it’s also resulted in a change of sonic direction for the band. And with new members Chris Scott and Justin Ward, founding members Ra-Jaan Parmley and Carson Mitchell, the band’s sound has become a sleazy, gritty garage rock reminiscent of barn-burners Obits and Metz, among others. However on the album’s latest single “Dead In A Graveyard,” the band’s sound manages to mesh Metz’s blistering noise with that of the graveyard/goth imagery of the Misfits – but with a psychedelic tinge. Yeah, really and it kicks ass.