Recorded both at home and at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA, Elite Lines, the third and forthcoming album form the Boston-based band Faces on Film, reveals a great deal of growth in frontman (and creative mastermind) Mike Fiore’s lyrics and songwriting – in fact, as Fiore has mentioned in interviews that he made a conscious attempt for the lyrics to be more direct and the characters easier to identify with while drawing from a wildly diverse range of influences. 

“Heartspeed,” the second and latest single off Elite Lines – slated for a March 25 release by the way – is inspired by Fiore’s observations of watching a fellow musician friend play one night. With some songwriters, there’s this sense that you can know them through their songs, how there are different kinds of intimacy and how it’s easy to be lulled into a sense of intimacy. 

Sonically, the song owes a slight debt to 60s psychedelia and pop, and early R&B. The deep, throbbing bass line and the trippy coda add a subtle and perhaps unconscious sense of menace just below the surface. But on a certain level, it brings the idea that some of our sense of intimacy with others is essentially phony.