Rodrigo Amarante is better known for his work as a member of Little Joy and Los Hermanos will be releasing his debut solo effort, Cavalo on May 6 through Easy Sound Records. “Hourglass,” the album’s first single, much like the entire album was written in a peculiar period of exile in which Amarante was much like a stranger in a foreign land, and a stranger in a land that was once home but has become mythologized in his mind – sensations and feelings that have interestingly enough become familiar to me upon my return from Germany. 

Sonically, the song owes a bit of a debt to the psychedelic 60s, thanks to it’s buzzing and twisting series of organ chords that begin the track and punctuate the hook; however, the throbbing bass and Amarante’s speak-sing vocals immediately remind me of Cake. Sure, the song has an art school sheen while containing an incredibly catchy hook – the song is infectious and will drill its way into you brain, I promise.