Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, the British-based duo of Cloud Boat, are part of a growing scene of songwriters who consider production and songwriting to be one in the same, much like blogosphere darling James Blake, who’s a childhood friend of the duo. Model Of You, the much-anticipated sophomore effort and follow up to their debut Book of Hours is a change of direction for the duo. Produced by Andy Savours, who has worked with My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros, the Horrors and others, recorded parts of the album in four different studio including Crouch End, London’s, The Crypt, part of a larger church/studio complex formerly owned by the EurythmicsDave Stewart. 

And although the band has released a single from the new album, they also released a non-album single, a sparsely arranged and hauntingly gorgeous cover of the Smiths’ classic "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.“ Comprised of chiming guitar, swirling electronics while retaining the vocal melody that expresses the song’s aching, plaintive need (while not being melodramatic or cheesy, which is a very difficult balance).