San Diego-based band Crocodiles will be releasing their forthcoming new album, Crimes of Passion later this month. And although the band has developed a reputation for an explosively loud, scuzzy sound (catching them live, is a testament to that fact), lead singer Brandon Welchez enlisted the help of the Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner to produce the follow up to their critically received, Endless Flowers

That same layered, scuzzy, towering squeal of sound is still there on “Cockroach,“ the first single on the album but with Wagner on the dials, the band sounds much more like a mix between her own Raveonettes, 60s psych rock, thanks to the use of organ and other fuzz pedals, and the Stone Roses. It’s simply an invigorating sound — that makes you want to do drugs, drink too much, and have too much sex. Rock ‘n roll, baby!

The video which possess the granular, pixellated quality of old VHS tapes has vocalist Welchez with a can of what presumably would be roach spray. But it helps to create the weird but fitting psychedelic feel to the video.