San Francisco, CA-based band Seatraffic formed in 2011 when Mark Zannad recruiter drummer Brandon Harrison to flesh out the sound of a fledging solo project. The duo’s self-titled EP was released to critical praise as it was comprised of synth pop meshed with Harrison’s background in hardcore punk. 

Following the release of their debut EP, the duo went to Different Fur Studios and released a number of singles and the Crimes 7 inch, which was also released to critical praise across the blogosphere. And continuing on that momentum, Zannad holed up in Seal Rock, OR during the summer of 2013 to write and arrange tracks that would become the material that will appear on their full-length debut Beauty in the Night, slated for a late summer release. And as you’ll see on “Precious Stones,” the first single off Night, the album will have a decided 80s New Wave sound and feel – in particular, I’m reminded of New Order, Yaz and Depeche Mode whenever i hear this one.