Selena Garcia is a New York-based singer/songwriter, who has started to receive attention for a sound that possess elements of pop, soul, rock and jazz. And among some folks, her sound has been very loosely compared to the likes of Adele, Fiona Apple, and the Kills. Although those comparisons may well be arguable, what I can say is that Garcia is a unique talent that more folks should be paying attention to – in particular, check out her rendition of the amazing Annie Lennox song “Why.”

Garcia’s rendition is stripped down to twangy guitar chords, some programmed drum beats, keyboards and Garcia’s sultry, smoky vocals, which turns the song into a slow-burning, old-timey bluesy lament without altering the song’s intent or spirit. Also with such a sparse arrangement, it forces you to pay attention to Lennox’s lyrics in a way that you may not have done before.