Silver Ships is the solo recording project of Chazz Besstte, who uses of reclaimed and modified thrift-store gear and analog recording equipment and plays every single instrument himself. In fact, Bessette has publicly described the recording process, which required the assistance of co-mastering engineer Eric Martinez and assistant producer Kat Hernandez as painstaking because they had to have “wires strung over the mixer to different guitar pedals and outdated effects units and a lot of busy hands manipulating everything. This usually took 5 to 20 takes to get it right." 

Interestingly enough, "Summer’s Gone” the first single off Bessette’s forthcoming Songs from a Room that Never Moves manages to bear an uncanny resemblance to Revolver and Hard Day’s Night-era Beatles – in particular, Besette’s single manages to have the same wistful. nostalgic tone. And as summer seems to be racing along so quickly, the tone of the song seems so right.