Some musical projects begin after tragic circumstances – and in this case, the San Francisco, CA-based quartet VANIISH began after vocalist/guitarist Kevin Tecon left his previous bands after his mother’s death in early 2013. After some time, Tecon decided to focus on an entirely new musical project along with his bandmate in Wax Idols, Amy Rosenoff (bass) and Bay Area superstars Adam Beck (guitar/keyborads) and Nick Ott (drums). And on “Search and Repeat,” the first single off Memory Work, the band’s forthcoming debut effort, the sound is an eerie shoegaze rock that manages to be simultaneously anxious, claustrophobic and moody– in some way it bears a resemblance to Joy Division and A Place to Bury Strangers in the sense that it possess a propulsive yet murky quality, as though it comes from the darkest recesses of one’s own depraved heart.