Starting off under rather humble roots, as a bedroom recording project of designer and DJ Dan Whitford, Cut Copy has become an international sensation over the past decade with the release of four albums, 1,000 live shows, and a number of major festivals. The members of the band have also DJ’ed and remixed the material of a number of artists, and started their own dance music label, Cutter Records. 

Interestingly, the Melbourne-based band recently announced that they would be releasing a compilation of their hometown’s thriving underground electronic dance music scene. The compilation, which they titled Oceans Apart offers listeners a rather ambitious survey of Melbourne’s party crews, label rosters and solo artists in a continuous mix, which the band was responsible for. So in many ways, the actual album reflects what you’d hear in a club …

NO ZU’s “Raw Vis Vision” is the first single off the compilation and the track is a funky, propulsive track that features chanted vocals, tribal drumming, sinuous synths, old school break beats, warn blasts of horns and whistles. But the track also possess elements of house music that pop to the forefront around the 2 minute mark that actually will make you think that this act was inspired by Cut Copy themselves, which wouldn’t be terribly surprising. 

And although the track is a contemporary track, it sounds as though it could have been easily released in 1983 and was re-discovered by some enterprising DJ who was digging in the crates at a record store, and then told the world about it. Seriously, if this track doesn’t make you want to dance, you’re probably a hard-hearted cynic – or you’re dead.