Swiss producer and electronic music artist, Sebastian Muller is best known in electronic dance music circles as his pseudonym Sebastian Carter. And as Sebastian Carter, Muller is part of a sub-genre movement that owes a sonic debt to to downtempo and deep house music. In fact, producers among this sub genre have frequently  employed the use of dreamy danceable rhythms and sensual melodies, as well as a lot of sinuous keyboard. In some way, it sonically bears a resemblance to the likes of Octo Octa’s incredible Between Two SelvesShams’s Piano Cloud and others – and so it shouldn’t be surprising that  Muller has been receiving international attention for his slick production values and his sensual sound. 

The twenty-something, Swiss producer teamed up with 17 year-old Brisbane, Australia-based ingenue Joy. for a remix of the seductive, slow-burning electro pop lament, “Captured.” And naturally, Muller’s remix turns the song into a sensual club-banger –while possessing an infectious sense of melody and rhythm, the track is full of hot flashes of cymbal, chunky synth chords and Joy’s seductive coos, which gives the song a sense of carnal urgency. And much like Muller’s previous work, the song is club ready without being obnoxious or overtly in-your-face, as it contains a level of nuance that some contemporary EDM just doesn’t have.