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http://www.audiomack.com/embed2/the-audible-doctor/complex-individuals?btn=ff8a00&bg=34342e&bbg=121212&vbg=4d4b42&vol=ff8a00&dbg=ff8a00 DJ Element, one of the members of the great Brown Bag AllStars crew, is releasing his debut effort as a producer, Reality, Kings & Reason today. “Complex Individuals” is the first single from Element’s debut, […]

http://www.audiomack.com/embed2/koncept-1/space-mountain-feat-tanya-morgan?btn=ff8a00&bg=34342e&bbg=121212&vbg=4d4b42&vol=ff8a00&dbg=ff8a00 Koncept, one of the members of the extraordinary Brown Bag AllStars crew just recently released the Malt Disney EP and from the tracks i’ve heard so far, it may well be an early front runner for […]

http://www.audiomack.com/embed2/the-audible-doctor/bars-of-death-remix-feat-j-nics-prod-by-audible-doctor?btn=ff8a00&bg=34342e&bbg=121212&vbg=4d4b42&vol=ff8a00&dbg=ff8a00 The Audible Doctor recently released a mixtape, The Winter Tape and on the mixtape, Audible collaborated with J. NICS on a track titled, “Bars of Death.” The track was so well-received by fans and artists that […]