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New Audio: The Swaggering and Badass Visuals for Leopold and His Fiction’s Anthemic “It’s How I Feel (Free)”

Featuring frontman and creative mastermind Daniel Leopold, the members of Austin, TX-based indie rock act Leopold and His Fiction specialize in a sleazy and anthemic rock sound that draws from 60s psych rock and 70s deep-fried Southern rock, complete with a towering and badass swagger and twinkling piano and organ chords and blistering guitar pyrotechnics as you’ll hear on “It’s How I Feel (Free),” the latest single off the band’s soon-to-be released effort Darling Destroyer, slated for release on January 27, 2017.

As Leopold explains of the song’s inspiration, “The rhythm was undeniably, the seed from which the content and swagger for this song grew. People always ask me if I’m stoned. My eyes are wide and bright, the better to see you with. I tell them, ‘sure. I’m stoned. My heart is made of stone.’ Speaking in punchlines, in rhetorical answers. A pacifists defense mechanism. On the road, at home, more often than not I’m finishing articulating my side of a discussion, or answering one million questions of when and why with, ‘It’s How I Feel.’ I gave up being clever as far back as I can remember.” And as a result, the song possesses an unmistakably sneering punk rock sarcasm that seems to say “Oh yeah, well go fuck yourself, pal!” I suspect that attitude will be one of the ways many of us will be forced to us to survive.

Fittingly, the recently released video features quite a bit of swaggering badassery before Leopold’s car is blown up. Whoa.