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New Video: The Surreal Animated and Hyper Aggressive Visuals for Cowtown’s “Tweak”

Clocking in at 92 seconds, Paranormal Romance’s second and latest single “Tweak” sounds as though it were indebted to the Ramones and 90s alt rock, as the the trio pairs propulsive and thundering drumming with blistering power chords and an anthemic and infectious “oh oh oh” at the hook that you can imagine a crowded and sweaty bunch of kids yelling lustily while moshing — and with a youthful abandon.

The recently released animated video by Molly Kaplan pokes fun at cartoons, the relentless barrage of commercials we’re inundated with on a regular basis — but with neon bright colors and a surreal sense of humor.


New Video: The Swooning and Heartbreaking Visuals and Sounds of Charlotte Cardin’s Latest “Like It Doesn’t Hurt”

Big Boy’s latest single “Like It Doesn’t Hurt” will further cement Cardin’s burgeoning reputation for aching jazz/soul and pop vocals — and in this case paired with a sparse yet extremely contemporary production featuring twinkling and moody keys, undulating synths and electronics and stuttering boom bap-like drum programming and a guest spot from Montreal-based emcee Husser; while lyrically, the song describes a turbulent and dysfunctional relationship full of ecstatic highs, crushing lows, bitter and aching separations. And as a result of both Cardin’s vocals and the production, the song possesses a swooning almost drunken urgency — and it should remind the listener of young, foolish, passionate, heartbreaking love.

Directed by Kristof Brandl, the recently released video for “Like It Doesn’t Hurt” features the song’s collaborators Charlotte Cardin and Husser as the video’s central couple and with a series of frenetic cuts and flashbacks, the video emphasizes the turbulent and tumultuous relationship at the core of the song as you’ll see a couple who fight and love passionately and are separated after a violent incident, which has Husser arrested and sent to jail.

New Video: The Otherworldly Visuals and Sounds of Beach House’s “The Traveller”

Although released last October, Thank Your Lucky Stars was recorded during the same two month period as its predecessor Depression Cherry and continued an ongoing collaboration between the band and co-producer Chris Coady. And naturally, both albums build upon similar aesthetics and themes, although “The Traveller” manages to possess a subtle world-weariness and bitter regret at its core — while also subtly reminding listeners of Mazzy Star.

Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, a media artist and founder of Telefantasy Studios, an analog media lab dedicated to the creation of avant-garde television and video experiments, the video was shot using an ancient television camera before being processed with a video synthesizer and a reconfigured broadcast mixer to create imagery that possess a cosmic glow, as though the female figure in the video is crossing through several different dimensions.

New Video: The Disco and Synth Pop Inspired Visuals and Sounds of Chrissy and Hawley’s Feminist Anthem “I Got A Life to Lead”

Now as you may also know, as the story goes both Chrissy and Shoffner are originally from Kansas, which the duo immediately bonded over and they began working on material that effortlessly meshes both of their unique styles into something rather seamless. Their self-titled debut’s latest single “I Got A Life to Lead” has the duo pairing Shoffner’s bitterly and frankly incisive lyrics telling off a selfish, needlessly combative, soon-to-be former lover, with a sleek and sensual production that would make the legendary Giorgio Moroder proud — as tambourine, shimmering and undulating synths, a propulsive motorik groove, stuttering drum programming, a sinuous bass line, a subtle yet noticeable string sample and an anthemic hook to craft a song that’s not only a certified disco-influenced club banger and a great tell off to any asshole soon-to-be former lover, who you’ve gotten sick and tired of and a decidedly feminist anthem in the veins of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” — but while openly saying “I’ve moved on from the foolish bullshit.”

The recently released video borrows liberally from 80s tropes and follows Shoffner singing and swaying along to the song as though she were in a karaoke bar — but shot in a seductive and hazy hues of purple, green and red, complete with views from several different TVs and a brief appearance by Chrissy pressing buttons. And in some small way, the video should remind folks of how deeply influenced the Chicago-based duo are by late period disco and 80s synth pop but while putting a subtle modern feel on it.

New Video: The 80s New Wave and Post-Punk Inspired Sounds and Surreal Visuals of Beach Baby’s “U R”

The London-based quartet’s latest single “U R” has the band pairing shimmering guitar chords, a propulsive, motorik-like groove, a soaring and anthemic hook that you can practically hear kids in a sweaty little club lustily singing along with, with lyrics that focus on the start and bitter ending of a relationship that has its narrator feeling ambivalent and confused. Was the relationship one of the best things that happened to this life? Or was the breakup the best thing that happened because the relationship was so wrong, so dysfunctional that he’s freed from something truly terrible? Should he even feel bitter and confused? Although open-ended, much like life itself, the song manages to be wistful and bittersweet look back at a relationship that should feel familiar — while evoking the dashed hopes and expectations of a relationship and of one’s summer.

The recently released music video follows Lily, its protagonist through the five stages of break-up grief that evokes the surreal feeling of your life being irrevocably altered and not quite knowing how to react or what to do before you finally begin moving forward with your life.

New Video: The Psychedelic Sounds and Visuals of Teenage Ghost’s “Apocalypse Times”

Comprised of Brendan O’Connor (vocals, guitar) , Michael Theis (bass) and Chris Wahlfeldt (drums), shoegaze/drone rock act Teenage Ghosts’ latest effort, the 5 track EP Revelations can trace its origins to when during a chance visit to the States, O’Connor took the opportunity to record some new material with Thies. After the guitar parts were recorded, Wahlfeldt recorded drums parts in Champaign, IL — while vocals and synths were recorded in NYC. The EP’s slow-burning first single “Apocalypse Times” features ethereal synths and vocals bubble up and float over a thick and murky mix consisting of layers upon layers of guitars and a persistent rhythm section in a song that walks a careful tightrope between the gorgeous shoegaze of the likes of Ride, Slowdive and The Verve and the moody drone of Directions to See a Ghost-era The Black Angels and the Silber Media roster.

The recently released animated music video is appropriately psychedelic and consists of frequently moving and morphing geometric shapes that are meant to evoke interstellar travel and traveling at the subatomic level — and it does so in a mind-altering fashion.

New Video: The Dark and Moody Sounds and Visuals of Swedish Electro Pop Sensation Kite

Comprised of Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Berg, Kite is a Swedish electro pop act, who have become superstars, who routinely sell out shows in their native Sweden — all while uncompromisingly doing things their own way, as they’ve only released EPs. The duo of Stenemo and Berg are set to embark on a short Stateside tour, which includes a NYC stop at Le Poisson Rouge on Sunday, and to build up buzz for the tour, they recently released the video for “Count The Days.” And when you hear the single, you’ll see why they’re huge in Sweden, as the duo pairs vocals that express desperate longing, self-loathing and self-doubt with a tense industrial/electro pop production featuring icy synth stabs, menacingly swirling atmospherics, enormous, tweeter and woofer rocking beats and an infectiously anthemic hook that will likely remind some listeners of Depeche Mode and others.

The recently released video features the moody background lighting the duo has developed a reputation for in their native Sweden and naturally it emphasizes the mental state of the song’s narrator — a narrator, who sounds as though they’re at the very end of their rope, both mentally and emotionally.

New Video: Avers Returns with an Anthemic, Garage Rock New Single Paired with Mischievous Yet Ironic Visuals

Omega/Whatever’s latest single “Vampire” much like the album’s previous single is deeply indebted to 90s alt rock –in particular, I’m reminded of Vs. and Vitalogy-era Pearl Jam but with a wry sense of humor, as the song’s narrator is desperately pleaded for an easy-going, less stressful life to a propulsive, anthemic hook that pairs ethereal synths with twangy and crunchy guitars fed through effects pedals.

The recently released video follows the adventures of a motorcycle helmet wearing, jorts wearing protagonist, who brings a goofy amount of joy to all that crosses his path; but the video manages to evoke a bitter irony at its core — the sort of easy-going life the narrator is pleading for may not be possible; and in fact, the joy that the protagonist brings to everyone, has him passing out exhausted and alone.