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New Video: The Stormy and Nostalgic Video for Leena Ojala’s “Why”

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the young, up-and-coming pop artist, Leena Ojala. Born in Germany to a Finnish father and English mother, Ojala was raised in Hong Kong and Essex before she relocated to London when she was […]


New Video: Introducing the Murky and Ominous Sound and Visuals of Philadelphia’s Hooded Leaders

Philadelphia, PA-based production duo Hooded Leaders are comprised of two grizzled music scene veterans PLEASE and RedHat, both of whom have  been mainstays in Philadelphia’s underground electronic music scenes. And with their collaboration the duo of PLEASE […]

New Video: The Psychedelic and Colorful, New Video for The Auras’ “Sure Shot”

Comprised of long-time friends longtime friends, Aaron McCoy (drums), Hank Van Harten (bass, vocals), David Zboch Alves (keyboards, vocals), Peter Dasilva (guitar, vocals), Robb Schaede (guitar and vocals) and Dallas Wheeler (guitar, vocals), the Toronto,ON-based sextet […]