The 2 Bears is a UK house music/electronic dance music duo comprised of vocalist, producer and DJ Raf Rundell and producer and DJ Joe Goddard, best known for his primary project, Hot Chip. Their internationally acclaimed debut, Be Strong was something of a love letter to their beloved London; however, their latest (and sophomore) effort together The Night Is Young still manages to be a love letter to their hometown but with a more global focus – as the material meshes a variety of international dance music influences including reggae, African dance and soul, and others. And lyrically, the material manages at times to focus on much darker themes while paired with ethereal and bouncy beats – or in the case of “Not This Time,” its narrator informs the world that he was had once by a love interest but he’s on to them and it won’t happen again. And it’s paired by the melodic synths and bouncy beats of early 90s house, along with twinkly keyboards. It’s funky and yet it’s warmly reminiscent of disco.

The official video is quite a sight as it has vocalist Raf Rundell singing the song by himself, and is cut with scenes of some fierce cross dressers who later doll Rundell up a bit when he’s around them.