The Brooklyn-based quintet of Haerts is comprised of members who hail from Germany, the UK and the US in a sort of United Nations/United Colors of Benetton fashion. Signed to Columbia Records, the band’s debut EP, Hemiplegia (which refers to the total or partial paralysis of one side of the body caused from the disease or injury of the brain’s motor center – i.e., a stroke, or some other brain injury) came out about a month ago or so, and it includes their two first singles “All The Days” and ‘Wings,“ both of which burst onto the blogosphere and quickly pushed the band out into the national scene. And certainly some of that national attention came from the fact that "Wings,” the band’s debut single was produced by the creative force behind indie pop sensation St. Lucia, Jean-Philip Grobler, who is a labelmate of theirs at Columbia Records.

“Wings” in particular bears St. Lucia’s sonic stamp. we’re talking about a sound that manages to be airy but with subtly dense layers, anthemic and infectious hooks, incredibly funky bass lines, and plaintive, earnest vocals – earnest to the point of seeming almost melodramatic. It’s meant to be cinematic in nature, and yet it never loses its directness in the sense that vocalist, Nini Fabi sounds as though she were singing to the listener …

Shlohmo, an up-and-coming electronic artist remixed “Wings” and his remix takes on a Houston-based chopped and screwed feel as he slows down Nini Fabi’s vocals to a syrupy pace, behind some industrial clinking and clanking. His remix although airy is icier and yet propelled by explosive bursts of drum.