The duo of She Keeps Bees, which is comprised of Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant have an unusual relationship – the sort of relationship where they finish each other’s sentences creatively and personally. And in fact they began in a rather humble fashion: LaPlant using a borrowed drum kit with a garbage-picked floor tom and the then-recently located Larrabee directing the proceedings. And for a while, the duo specialized in a sparse and atmospheric sound that slowly expanded with the additional of bass and synths. 

Their forthcoming album, Eight Houses marks the first time that the band is working with an outside producer, Nicholas Vernhes, who has worked with the likes of Deerhunter, The War on Drugs, Dirty Projects and others. And it marks the first time that they’re collaborating with guest musicians, which include Sharon Van Etten and Adam Schatz. 

“Radiance” is the latest single from the album and it’s a dark, atmospheric track comprised of Larrabee’s sultry vocals, piano, synths and drums. But what makes the track compelling to me is the tension between the song’s sparseness and its instrumentation – at points it feels and sounds as though the song will float away into the ether.