The Los Angeles, CA-based Sara Taylor and Ryan George formed Youth Code back in 2012 out of a bedroom. Their debut was a rather spontaneous live show as part of Vacation Vinyl’s employee showcase, and that performance managed to put a ton of attention on the duo. In fact, the release of their Demonstrational Cassette had the band hone their live sound into something much more muscular. 

After the release of a critically applauded 7 inch through Genesis P-Orridge’s label Angry Love Productions, the band got the attention of DAIS Recordings who quickly signed them and released their debut full-length, which was met with even more critical praise. 

“Consuming Guilt” is the first single off the duo’s forthcoming sophomore effort, A Place to Stand manages to sound as though it owes a debt to early Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and even Atari Teenage Records – industrial electronica, complete with clinging and clanging  and a furiously roared vocals.