The Portland, OR-based surfer/garage rock band The Shivas’s fourth full-length album., You Know What To Do was released last week through Olympia, WA-based label, K Records and on cassette through Burger Records. And the timing for the release was uncannily perfect as the Portland-based quartet, who has opened for the likes of Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, fellow Northwesterners La Luz and others, was finishing up an extensive North American tour with some Pacific Northwest stops.

And of course, just in time for Halloween, the band released an official video for album title track “You Know What To Do” and “Do The Crocodile.” Produced by Shanga Vision the video is extremely creepy – you’ll see a cult practicing dark magic and cannibalism, spliced with scenes of a woman being chased through a forest. Presumably, the woman being chased ultimately became the cult’s sacrifice. Talk about fucked up, huh?

Sonically, the songs sound as though they were played on the shittiest amps ever as the two songs possess a gritty and tinny quality with guitars played through layers of reverb. You almost expect the hiss and crackle of analog recordings using friction to produce its sound, evoking the sense that the material was somehow originally released in 1964. However, thematically the material appears to owes a debt to The Black Angels – we’re talking about murder, madness, violence and the darkness within the human heart.