This week will be pretty insane as I’ll be covering various official and unofficial showcases during the massive CMJ Musical Festival. So I’ll be posting here sporadically for the next few days as i catch live music, network, meet and greet and get too little or too much sleep depending on the day. However, there was something that caught my ear and my imagination that I had to share with you  . .  .

Halasan Bazar, a Danish/Norwegian/British act and Tara King Th, a French act were encouraged to meet on a musical blind date of sorts by Steve Rosborough, the head of their Californian label, Moon Glyph. The two bands had some sketches of songs and some other ideas while collaborating over the Internet and they met in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a sleepy mountain village in the Auvergne region of France in February. 

Of course during the recording process the bands payed music, danced and drank together and then they recorded in a makeshift studio in a 70s styled disco. And the end result, as you’ll hear on “Rot Inside” is a psychedelic folk/country/what-the-fuck? that’s gorgeous, trippy, whimsical and yet cinematic.