Through his first two albums. electronic artist and producer Martyn has quickly developed a reputation for having each album be entirely different from its predecessor; after all, each album is representative of a particular period in the artist’s life – in fact, his 2009 debut effort Where Great Lengths managed to explore Martyn’s genre busting versatility; his 2011 sophomore effort Ghost People focused on a very particular sound; however, his forthcoming (and third) effort The Air Between Words, Martyn had no specific plan – he experimented with analog equipment and sounds and found himself creating melodic sketches that became songs. 

“Love of Pleasure,” the latest single off the album, features vocalist copeland (formerly known as Inga Copeland and half of art pop duo Hype Williams), and the song begins with elegant-sounding piano chords, which are later bolstered by layers of buzzing synths, swirling electronics and almost tribal-like drumming. And with copeland’s dreamily cooed vocals, the song has a hypnotic, trance-like feel while still being incredibly danceable.