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At some point last year, I started infrequently shooting random things around town with my Canon T1I – and in some way, it was a relief to shoot when I wanted to shoot, without having a particular purpose behind it. 

As many of you know, much of the Northern part of the country had been going through an incredible period of cold weather and during some of that, we finally received a little bit of snow here in New York. Along with a track issue on the R line in Queens, it curtailed many plans across the city. But I got a bit of cabin fever and headed out to a bar – and naturally with the first snowfall in quite some time, I did take a couple of photos.


Snow collecting near the corner of 60th Avenue and Junction Blvd. By the next day, you could barely tell what happened. 


Someone drew a heart on the rear windshield of a SUV in a nearby parking lot. It struck me as being sweet – and I was pretty sure that whoever did this had to be young and in love. 

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