Up-and-coming Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter Mikaela Kahn has had quite a career trajectory as she has had stints as a backup singer for an award-winning Elvis impersonator and Chrisette Michele, all before the release of her forthcoming solo debut, Milk & Honey, which is slated for April 14, 2015 release. 

Produced with collaboration Justin Shelton, the material on the album balances on the tightrope of electro pop and contemporary R&B but with a subtly old school twist as you’ll hear on “Chemical Reaction,” the latest single off the album. The song may arguably be the most effortlessly breezy track on the whole album as the song is comprised of Shelton’s gently strummed guitar, swirling electronics, percussion led by finger snaps and ethereal keyboards, creating a smooth, easy-going groove paired with Kahn’s equally sinuous vocals. And it’s done in a way that channels 90s R&B without it being pure mimicry while being contemporary. In some way, it channels the likes of Beacon, Frank Ocean and TheeSatisfaction while nodding at Floetry, India.Arie, Erykah Badu and others. 

After listening to “Chemical Reaction,” I suspect that you’ll be hearing a lot about this up-and-coming singer/songwriter over the next few months.