Without a doubt, if you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past year to about 18 months or so, you’d likely be intimately familiar with the Louisville, KY-based quartet White Reaper. The quartet first caught the attention of the blogosphere with the release of an urgent, blistering six track, self-titled EP that clocked in at about 15 minutes and with a number of tours with nationally known bands including Deerhoof, Young Widows and Priests. Immediately after that, the band spent time writing and then recording the material that would wind up on their soon-to-be released full-length debut, White Reaper Does it Again. And although Polyvinyl Records will be releasing WRDIA on July 17, the album has already made waves across the blogosphere with the album’s first two singles “Makes Me Wanna Die” and “Sheila.” 

The album’s latest single “Pills” is comprised of chugging power chords, throbbing bass, thundering drums and ethereal keyboard chords that twist and turn over the hook. Much like the first two preceding singles, “Pills” evokes power pop, punk rock, garage rock and New Wave simultaneously and seamlessly and with this particular single, the band seems to channel Cheap Trick and bubblegum pop both sonically and thematically – underneath the ass kicking bravado is a bruised, bleeding heart that gives every song a subtly bittersweet tone. With “Pills,” the song’s narrator is desperate for some sort of drug that will help him get over a particularly embittering heartache. God, haven’t we all been there at least once?