YELLE are a French electro pop act founded back in 2000 by its namesake Yelle (a.k.a Juliet Bidet) and GrandMarnier (Jean-Francois Perrier). Bidet and Perrier won quite a bit of attention in their native France when they released an early version of their first single “Je veux the voir” through MySpace where it quickly reached the top 5. Their seemingly overnight success attracted the attention of a record label, who signed them and released the duo’s internationally acclaimed debut, Pop Up in 2007.  Their sophomore effort Safari Disco Club also garnered quite a bit of attention internationally as well. 

Their forthcoming third album Completement Fou is slated for a September 30 release through Kemosabe Records and the album’s first single and title track “Completement Fou” may further the duo’s reputation as international EDM superstars. Starting out with skittering synths, blips and bloops, a room-rattling bass kick and Bidet’s coquettish  vocals, the track is a slickly produced club-banger that you’d expect to hear in just about any sweaty dance club around the world.