Formed back in 2011, the Los Angeles, CA-based trio the Black Tibetans, which consist of Dinst (vocals and guitar), Tammi Tibetan (bass) and Ryan KH (drums), have developed a reputation for a a sound that fuses old school rock ‘n’ roll with surf rock and punk, while paying homage to motorcycle culture. And as a result of their previously released albums, they’ve played alongside the likes of Arctic Monkeys, the Eagles of Death Metal, Brody Dalle (of The Distillers), Social Distortion and others. 

The band’s latest effort, The Nashville Sessions was recorded in Nashville, TN’s Easy Eye Studios and produced by The Black Keys’s Dan Auerbach. And although the latest single off the EP manages to display some of Auerbach’s touch with the band sounding slightly bluesier, thanks to a 12 bar blues-like opening; the band’s sound manages to possess a muscular roar that sounds much like finely tuned motorcycle engine – with a propulsive rhythm section. 

Lyrically, the song evokes the badass rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle:  late nights in bars, causing trouble and fucking shit up and picking up dangerous lovers in shitty little dives because – well, you’re pretty dangerous yourself. And the official video, which follows the band as they flew into Nashville to record the new album, and shows them hanging out and recording manages to capture the trio doing the rock ‘n’ roll life almost perfectly.