Live Concert Photography: SALES at Villain 10/12/16

Live Concert Photography: SALES at Villain 10/12/16, by Kellie Zhao

The Florida-based band SALES, consisting of Jordan Shih (guitar) and Lauren Morgan (vocals, guitar), writes pop music with a very distinctive melodic line. The instrumentation is stripped down to a guitar and drums, and the result is a candid sound consisting of catchy motifs and a consistent, even tempo. Without incorporating any unnecessary frivolities, SALES brings an angle to pop music that feels incredibly genuine and heartfelt.

Shih and Morgan were friends before they formed SALES, and worked together for six years before truly coming to understand each other’s work processes and how they were to be best integrated. They often develop a track based first off of a vocal or instrumental hook, and from there they build it up and continue to improvise. Their musical influences come from a wide-range of sources, including Led Zeppelin, 80’s new wave, and trance music. SALES is currently on tour, and is joined by drummer Joy Cyr.



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