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Throwback: Happy 78th Birthday Jimi Hendrix!

JOVM celebrates Jimi Hendrix’s 78th birthday.

Musings: Election Day

As I mentioned in a previous post, today’s elections may arguably be the most consequential of our lives, if not the country’s history. So far 102 million Americans have taken part in early elections — whether through mail-in ballots or showing up in person. Of course, there are Americans who have waited until today or who may not vote. This post is directed to those people, who will say “well, it doesn’t really matter” or “both parties are the same” or anything along those lines: Your life, your safety, your job, your bodily autonomy, the things you like to do, the businesses you frequent, your ability to be with who you love and have that recognized all depend on voting — and who you vote for. Your vote can impact the lives of other people, too.

I’m not trying to be hyperbolic here. It’s true. So please use your voice and vote. As De La Soul would say, “Stakes is High:”