Portraits: Afropunk Festival, Greenpoint Terminal Market: Day 2: 8/27/23

This year’s Afropunk was the first time I had covered and attended in almost a decade. My fourth — or fifth? — is now in the books.

I spent two days in the sun. I was stupid enough to wear black band t-shirts on both days. By day two, I was a sweaty, exhausted mess with two sore knees, two sore feet and a sore back. My heart was very happy and very full. To be around so many beautiful, joyful and unapologetically Black folk was just what my heart and soul needed.

Be on the lookout for the live music photos shortly. They’ll appear on Musicology.xyz.

Of course, while I was there, I managed to get some quick portraits of some very beautiful and very happy Black people.

Caption: Black is breathtakingly beautiful. Everything about this sister caught my attention. There was just something effortless in how she carried herself.
Caption: I just loved everything about this brother. He’s a few years older than me and I can see something of myself in him. His energy and smile were infectious.
Caption: One of the best things about Afropunk is that folks serve up some serious looks. The fashion
Caption: In a great deal of my life, I’m often very jaded and cynical. But there’s arguably one thing in morally bankrupt world that’s transcendent and pure: That moment when someone’s face lights up when their favorite artist plays their favorite song. This particular moment that i captured is so very pure to me.