3VTR is a mysterious French producer, who can trace the origins of his career to looking for beats for hip-hop — and wound up discovering sound design: The French producer wound up taking an M.A.O. course, where he learned electronic music composition and production.

Starting with a musical diary that captures the moods of a young boy, the French producer gradually began working on original material that he only released sporadically years later– with his first official release in 2011. Since then, his work has been inspired by his travels and an experimental bent, in which he tried out and adapted several different styles.

2018 was a busy year for 3VTR, between releasing melodic techno, chilled out electronica and movie soundtracks, his released his full-length debut, 128, Deep Chill Street, which was influenced by Worakls, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ennio Morricone, and Hans Zimmer.

The following year, the mysterious French producer released the hybrid EP/album CHILDHOOD, which saw him further cement his own take on techno. Interestingly, last year, 3VTR released The Good, The Bag & Ugly trilogy. Written during pandemic-related lockdowns, the album’s 55 tracks sees the mysterious exploring every corner of electronic music without any limit. While different in style, each release tells a story and releases the artist’s many sides.

The first part of the trilogy, the six-track The Good was released last February and features melodic and cosmic techno. The Good‘s first single “Les Lacs de Mercure (Introduction)” is a cinematic yet cosmic take on techno centered around glistening and melodic synths, skittering beats and an expansive song structure. And yet, at its core the song is an escapist fantasy with an introspective and placid quality.