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New Audio: Geneva’s Viscardi & Il Duo Magnetico Share Breezy Dance Floor Bop “Sale Sole”

Geneva-based outfit Viscardi & Il Duo Magnetico is a new collaborative project featuring Italian-Swiss vocalist, DJ and producer Pascal Viscardi (vocals) and L’Eclair’s Yavor Lily (drums, bass keys) and Alain Sandri (percussion, guitar, backing vocals). Over the past two years, the trio have been in the studio working on material that they describe as a unique and contemporary version of Italian pop that references New Wave, boogie, disco and world music.

The Swiss trio’s full-length debut is slated for a November release through Berlin-based Cosmic Romance. The album’s latest single “Sale Sole” is sleek and breezy bit of dance floor friendly pop built around twinkling keys, the sort of trippy and funky groove L’Eclair is known for paired with Viscardi’s sultry delivery and an uncanny knack for well-placed, catchy hooks. While “Sale Sole” is clearly indebted to — and made in the spirit of — 70s Italian disco and pop, it’s paired with a subtly modern touch.