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Over the past couple of months, I’ve written a handful of posts on the mysterious indie rock act Essx Station, and as you may recall the duo’s debut single “Can’t Go Back,” revealed a self-assured, hook-driven song that reminded me quite a a bit of Snow Patrol. Winter and Blunda, the duo behind Essx Station followed “Can’t Go Back” with the swooning and atmospheric “Awake or Dreaming,” a swooning and sincere track that still managed to sound as though it drew from Snow Patrol but with enormous, arena rock-like hooks. But underneath the slick production and big hooks of their two earliest singles, the duo reveals an uncanny ability to craft sincere, pop-leaning, radio friendly indie rock.

“Submarine,” the up-and-coming duo’s latest single, much like its immediately predecessors will appear on their soon-to-be released debut EP will further cement their reputation for sincere and enormous, hook-driven indie rock. But interestingly, it may be one of the more muscular and shoegazer-like songs they’ve released as shimmering yet angular guitar chords are paired with downtuned, rumbling bass chords, boom-bap like drumming, hand clap-led percussion, alternating boy-girl vocals and dual harmonies; in fact, the song strikes me as being a fair meshing of Snow Patrol, Pixies and Lightfoils with an overwhelmingly positive message. As the duo explained to me via email “like all the songs of the EP, this was written and produced by us and is about choosing to follow your own path and be who you are without listening to what others have to say. You disappear for a while into your own world, to figure out what you want and need. As the song says:

“We can be anything 
No one can see us dream
Float in a submarine 
Going underground”
Certainly for anyone who has been desperately trying to figure out what their place is in this world or who has at one point been desperate to figure out their place or face extraordinarily pressure to do something, to be a responsible, practical adult, this song will feel familiar — and it kindly suggests that sometimes the best thing is to go and follow your dreams and your own path to them.

Last month, I wrote about the anthemic, remarkably self-assured, Snow Patrol-like debut single “Can’t Go Back,” from the rather mysterious indie rock duo Essx Station. Building upon the initial bit of response from their debut, the duo compared of Winter and Blunda have release their second single, the atmospheric and swooning “Awake or Dreaming.” And while still drawing some influence from Snow Patrol, the duo reveal that they can craft sincere, pop-leaning indie rock with anthemic hooks.

As the band explains “Awake or Dreaming” is “about the moment when you realize that your reality has finally exceeded your dreams. It’s about being happy with what you have so that you’ll have enough. As Lao Tzu said ‘If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. if you are at peace, you are living in the moment. This song is about the power of now.”  Considering the increasingly terrible news of the past few weeks, including the reprehensible terrorist acts in Manchester, this song should be a reminder of how we all must live, living to enjoy this very moment, complete with the knowledge that the next moment may not be guaranteed.




Comprised of Winter and Blunda, Essx Station is a mysterious yet up-and-coming indie rock duo and from their anthemic debut single “Can’t Go Back,” the duo is not only remarkably self-assured, their sound manages to remind me of Snow Patrol as the single possesses a swooning urgency. And from this single I’m looking forward to hearing much more from them.