Tag: Fine Points

Best known for being a member of the San Francisco-based indie rock acts Fine Points and Sleepy Sun, guitarist Evan Myall will be releasing his debut solo EP Basic Gardening on November 16, 2018 — and the EP’s latest single, the breezy and infectious “Frances” manages to draw a bit from Myall’s previous work while being a subtle yet mischievous departure from it, as the track is centered by big, buzzing power chord chords, a simple yet propulsive backbeat, Myall’s easygoing crooning and a buoyant hook featuring some harmonized ooohs and ahhs. In some way, the song manages to recall 70s AM rock, Mark Lanegan‘s solo work and 90s guitar pop simultaneously. And while sounding as though it’d be perfect in as part of the soundtrack of Wes Anderson movie, it’s a friendly, joyful tune and a much-needed respite in a vicious and cynical world on the verge of collapse.

As Myall says in press notes, “My friend, Bobby Renz, and I hunkered down at Different Fur Studios in the Mission district of San Francisco to make these recordings. Working on the jams with Bobby was really fun. This type of  studio merrymaking occurs when everyone is working hard and not taking themselves too seriously. Sprinkle in some coffee, tacos, and a couple talented musician cronies on slide guitar/ooohs n’ ahhhs – you’ve got yourself a tune!”