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New Audio: Rising Artist Alvin Chris Releases an Infectious and Summery Banger

Alvin Chris is a rapidly rising emcee, vocalist, producer and beatmaker. His latest single, the infectious, summertime banger “Question de temps” is centered around a slick production featuring elements of dancehall, Afropop and contemporary electro pop —  chiming percussion, thumping beats, an infectious hook, some 80s soul pop sax soloing and Chris’ alternating between plaintive crooning and rhyming.

“Question de temps” is the sort of infectious song that you can sing in the shower  or wine down with someone at the club — but the song is actually kind of ambivalent, as it captures a situation that is all too familiar: a narrator, who finds himself in a promising, new romantic situation — but it might be quickly tarnished by his doubts, fears and insecurities. And as a result, the song is a bit of a bittersweet sigh of resignation.