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Tim Bernhardt is a Munich-based electronic music producer, who has had a lengthy and successful career of releasing house music under a number of different aliases. Bernhardt’s latest project Satin Jackets was created over a decade ago as a way for the German producer to explore his lifelong love of disco and the clean, polished productions of acts like CHIC and Trevor Horn.

Bernhardt’s second Satin Jackets album, 2019’s Solar Nights was one of the most successful nu-disco records of recent memory, and the subsequent years after the album’s response should have been extremely busy with sets across the global club and festival circuits. But much like the rest of us, the pandemic limited Bernhardt to the four walls of his new Munich studio. Without live music and touring, the rising German producer wound up — much like countless other artists — turning to the internet to keep in touch with his fans and to sow the seeds for what would become his forthcoming, third album Reunion.

Throughout 2020 we recorded a number of what we called Lockdown Streams” Bernhardt explains in press notes. Without virtually no promotion, Bernhardt’s Lockdown Streams wound up being streamed over 1.5 million times — but for the rising German producer, the real reward was the response from fans. “We had so many positive comments from people saying how these streams had helped through difficult times or simply put a much needed smile on their faces. Despite being unable to connect in person, these sessions helped me rediscover the power that music can have to create shared moments.”

“It allowed me to rediscover the connection between what I do and what people feel and that fed directly into making Reunion,” Bernhardt continues. “There’s a lot of despair and division in the world right now but it is so important we try to stay positive and hold onto the things that bring us together. There’s few things that can do that more than music, and that was the thought I took with me when I started work on this album. Not just the idea that music brings people together but going beyond that, asking why we do the things that we do and feel what we feel.”

While Bernhardt was able to connect with his fans online, he was also able to reach out to his friends and collaborators around the world, reuniting with many of the vocalists and songwriters, who had contributed their talents to his first two albums — 2016’s Panorama Pacifco and 2019’s aforementioned Solar Nights.

Where the first two Satin Jackets albums saw Bernhardt attempting to first develop his own sound and then elevate his production to another level, Reunion reportedly reveals an artist who has become confident in his abilities and artistic vision, has become completely at ease in the studio — all while expanding upon his sound.

“The feelings that music inspires can be intensely personal but at the same time it’s a universal language that can help us communicate and break down the barriers between us and connect,”  Bernhardt says. “So this album is meant as a canvas for people to paint the colours of their existence onto and share with others, an escape from a sometimes harsh reality but also an offer of a common space where we might remember what makes us stronger.”

Reunion‘s second and latest single “Different Directions” is a slickly produced, lounge meets alt pop take on house music centered around warm bursts of guitar, layers of glistening synth arpeggios, skittering beats and an infectious, razor sharp hook paired Belgian vocalist Ivy Falls‘ sultry yet plaintive delivery. The end result is a song that’s a chilled out, summery banger that you can nod your head to — while contemplating the song’s lyrics.

Reunion is slated for an August 26, 2022 release through Eskimo Recordings. Be on the lookout.

Reunion, the third album from Satin Jackets releasing this summer on Eskimo Recordings, is a stunning follow up to the German producer’s first two critically acclaimed albums, featuring 14 stunning tracks of nu-disco, house, leftfield pop and guest vocals from the likes of Australian star Panama, Belgian singer Ivy Falls, US based vocalist Metaxas and up and coming British singer Tailor.

Today, the acclaimed German nu-disco artist Satin Jacketshas released “Different Directions”, featuring the vocals of Belgian singer Ivy Falls. This new single will appear on the forthcoming Satin Jackets double LP Reunion, which will be released in full on August 26th, 2022 via Eskimo Recordings and is available for preorder now. “Different Directions” is a smooth bit of chilled-out, loungey nu-disco pop in the style of groups modern Poolside & Jungle –  a perfect soundtrack for cruising out into the rest of your summer.