Tag: Seleminga Curvas Peligrosas EP

Seleminga is a Berlin-based, Senegalese-French singer/songwriter and producer. The Berlin-based artist’s latest EP Curvas Peligrosas was released earlier this year — and the EP’s material was inspired by a trip that she had taken to Cuba last March, just as the pandemic was about to strike the rest of the world. As Seleminga explains the album’s title simultaneously references the infection curve, which has been a part of our lives since last March — and the danger of being a woman, walking alone at night by herself.

“Nińa,” Curvas Peligrosa‘s second single is a brooding dance floor friendly track featuring glistening synths, tweeter and woofer rattling, skittering beats and a dreamy and layered vocal arrangement, originally written by the Bee Gees paired with lyrics that describe a lonely walk in the city at night. The end result is a brooding and uneasy song that pairs the synthetic and organic, while evoking the dark, lurking things in your subconscious — and right behind you.

“PERLE” is the first track of the upcoming EP “CURVAS PELIGROSAS” inspired by Seleminga’s travel to Cuba in March 2020. A word about the EP: “In this transitional period I wanted to express first the dangerous curve we were about to take while jumping in this pandemic. Second the danger of having curves in todays society, in other words the burden a woman endures by simply walking alone in the streets.”
“CURVAS PELIGROSAS” will be out in 2021.