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New Audio: Gray Days Shares A Crafted Pop Anthem

Gray Days is the (mostly) solo recording project of a rather mysterious Aussie singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who writes and records all the parts of his music — with the exception of drums and tricky lead guitar parts. He makes his music in his garage and then takes it to a friend’s studio, where that friend engineers and mixes the material. 

Last year, the JOVM mainstay released his full-length debut Drifting, which featured:

  • The Husky and Starsailor-like Going Nowhere,” which featured an anthemic Brit Pop inspired hook while revealing a songwriter with a deliberate attention to craftsmanship and an uncanny knack for a big, catchy hook. 
  • Transcend,” a dreamy 120 Minutes MTV-like track centered around shimmering and twangy guitars, a sinuous bass line, the Aussie artist’s plaintive delivery, a big hook and a wah wah pedaled solo, that sounds as though it were inspired by Starfish era The Church.
  • The Cocteau Twins meets Starfish-era The Church-like “Limelight,” a song built around layers of shimmering and jangling guitars, bursts of mournful horns, the Aussie artist’s plaintive vocal paired with a soaring hook making it arguably the most dream pop leaning — and the most beautiful song on the entire album. 

The Aussie artist’s latest single “Melon Mouth” is a crafted bit of dreamy pop built around jangling guitars, an incredibly catchy hook and a tight driving groove paired with the JOVM mainstay’s plaintive vocals. “Melon Mouth” continues a relatively recent run of pop-leaning material rooted in thoughtful lyricism.