Tag: Single Review: La Fille Everyday Feels Like I’m Getting Older

Founded by the New Jersey-born, Seattle-based singer/songwriter Jay Louis, and currently featuring Joe Oakes (drums), Tom Moskal (bass) and Jackson Fahey (guitar), the Seattle-based indie rock act La Fille can trace their origins to when Louis relocated to Seattle in search of like-minded musicians to collaborate with. And upon his arrival in Seattle and inspired by his uprooting, Louis began writing the material that would eventually comprise the band’s full-length debut, Alright Already, which is slated for a March 15, 2019 release. As he writing material, Louis met Oakes through a Craigslist ad — and although, Oakes initially intended to start a punk band, he had hit it off with Louis and decided to start La Fille with him instead.

Shortly after forming La Fille, Louis and Oakes went to the studio to record the material that would become Alright Already with Telekinesis‘ Benjamin Lerner. Since then, Louis and Oakes recruited Moskal and Fahey to complete the band’s live lineup.

Alright Already‘s latest single “Everyday Feels Like I’m Getting Older” is 90s alt rock-inspired power pop tune centered around jangling power chords, plaintive vocals, a propulsive rhythm section and a rousingly anthemic hook — but underneath all of that, the song’s narrator is attempting to get their shit together, because time is flying and there’s no time to waste on childishness or bullshit.